season 17-18



Dear audience!
Welcome to a new season at Husets Teater. A place where you can experience great acting at a up-close. Our own productions in season 2017/2018 will in very different ways deal with the possibility of reversing already existing power structures.
In ROCKY! we are playing with the fight over values which are taking place in these years of changes in voters in both Europe and The United States. Award-winning director Tue Biering returns to Husets Teater with a sharp-cut version of the classic underdog tale about Rocky.
ANKOMST. AFSKED examines society's smallest entity; the family, when its power structures are addressed in a loving rethink. The play offers some of Denmarks most beloved actors, Benedikte Hansen and Hans Rønne, in a never seen before collaboration.
In the season's last self-produced performance REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN., it is the way maintain ourselves and others in different positions, which are turned and turned once again.

During the season you will also get acquainted with a string of exciting guest plays.


The tickets for all the performances in the season costs 150 or 200 DKK. Read more under TICKETS. However, the performances are only the tip of the iceberg. We present a lot of other events in our house at Halmtorvet and you can be a regular part of it all with a season ticket for only 400 DKK a year. Buy it at where you can also subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to get the news.


Yours sincerely,


+ Rest of Husets Teater


Husets Teater was founded in 1975 in the inner of Copenhagen at the fourth floor in “Huset i Magstræde” - wherefrom the name comes. In 1995 the theatre moved to its present location on Halmtorvet at Vesterbro and overtook the offices of the departed Fiolteatret in a front house to the block “Copenhagen Meatpacking District“. Here the theatre has had a central location in a rapidly growing cultural area. Husets Teater has the status as a small city theatre with support from the Copenhagen municipality and now contains two scenes. The large scene has 121 numbered seats and the smaller scene, OverHuset, has up to 70 not numbered seats.


During the first years Husets Teater presented a number of essential guest performances from, for instance, Sweden and Italy with new political inspired groups. Also the Danish Natholdet marked the place as different in line with, among others, Saltlageret; political theatre within the framework of the system. From the middle of the 1980th the theatre turned more orientated towards drama with, for instance, Baal by Brecht and the controversial play The Litter, the City and the Dead (Affaldet, byen og døden) by Rainer Werner Fassbinder which, in the staging of Klaus Hoffmeyer, became a much discussed performance because of its coarseness.

With the director Søren Iversen and Lisbeth Sjölin as managers from 1992-2008 and the relocation to Halmtorvet, the theatre has created a precise profile with modern Danish and foreign drama which is relevant to modern life and reality and which in its form is abreast of the trends of today. Plays like the trilogi Morning and Night (Morgen og aften), The Blessed Child (Det Velsignede Barn) and Ashes to Ashes – Dust to Dust (Aske til Aske - støv til støv) (1996-97) by Astrid Saalbach and The Intending Purchasers (Liebhaverne) (1997) and My Two Sisters (Mine to søstre) (2001) by Nicoline Werdelin have helped boost the identity and Husets Teater has won several Reumert Awards for the effort during the last few years. 


From 2008-2016 the management of Husets Teater was taken over by actor and director, Mads Wille, and playwright, director and dramaturge, Simon K. Boberg. The partners came from the theatre PLAN-B which they ran from 2002-2008 in the very same offices on forth floor in “Huset I Magstræde” where Husets Teater was founded. Simon K. Boberg and Mads Wille has presented some of the best newly written European drama, including 'Blekingegadebanden' (2009) based on Peter Øvig Knudsens books, 'The Golden Dragon' (2011) written by Roland Schimmelpfennig, Jens Blendstrup's 'God Speaks Out' (2012) as well as the Italian 'The Shit' (La Merda) (2015) by Cristian Ceresoli. Simultaneously, Simon K. Boberg and Mads Wille were also behind the successful reading festival Festival For New European Drama, which has been held at the Theater from 2008-2016.

From July 1 2016, actor and director Jens Albinus became the artistic director and producer Laura Ramberg became the administrative director of Husets Teater.